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This level is aimed at individuals with superior knowledge of sailing that master the craft and all its maneuvers and want to deepen their knowledge for competition in races.

In this course we will address mainly tactics and racing rules.

Theoretical aspects:

Race Preparation

  • Analysis of Sailing Instructions (provided by the organization)
    • Analysis of the routes planned for the regatta
    • Analysis of the tide (HT / LT)
    • Reading of the water:
      • Wind direction and intensity
      • Direction and intensity of the current
      • Planning and choice of the sail to use:
        • Genoa
        • Main Sail
        • Spinnaker
        • Starting Techniques:
          • Main flags, interpretation (CIS)
            • Class it belongs to
            • P flag, 1st substitute, X, deferral, numerals
  • Starting procedures and times
  • Circumvent buoys

Practical aspects:


  • "In situ" analysis of the body of water
  • Analysis of the position of the buoy on the start line
  • Preparation and tuning of the sails relative to the wind speed
  • Analysis of time/distance between the pre-start and start line
  • Definition of tactics adopted for the regatta


  • Positioning the boat to the start line (the boat does not stop)
  • Start / clean starting - (CIS Flags)
    • 1st substitute
    • X flag
    • Tuning of the sails depending on "points of sail"
    • Definition of tactics for approaching the buoy
    • Techniques for circumventing buoys and hoisting Spinnaker
    • Rules of Sailing Regattas(RRV)

This course includes:

  • Videos of theoretical sessions
  • "Sailing Manual" in PDF
  • 8 Practical sessions
  • 1 Rgatta in Lisbon


Tuition / VAT included