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This level is aimed at people with a basic knowledge of sailing. They have notions of sailing based on the concept of "cruise sailing" as well as nomenclature.

In this course we will cover the correct use of the mainsail and genoa as well as the application of "points of sail" on the helm, sails and master the weight and balance of the sailors.

Theoretical Aspects::

  • Onboard weight and balance of the sailors as a complement to the stability of the boat
  • Nomenclature of the sails - how to identify the names given to the sides of the sails and the corners
  • Theory of "points of sail" - Identify navigation angles in relation to the wind direction
  • Priority Rules (RIEAM and RRV)


Practical Aspects:

  • Practical Application of "points of sail"
    • Sails
    • Helm
  • Technical refinements of the sails in relation to "points of sail"
    • Reach
    • Run
  • Trimming
    • Main Sail
    • Genoa
  • Reading the sails
  • Practice reefing maneuver - Mainsail
  • Pilling maneuver – Genoa
  • Practical application of priority rules

This course includes:

  • Videos of theoretical sessions
  • "Sailing Manual" in PDF
  • 8 Practical sessions
  • 1 Rgatta in Lisbon


Tuition / VAT included