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This level is aimed at people with mid-level knowledge of sailing. You must master maneuvers, "points of sail", safety and nomenclature used aboard a sailing ship.

In this course we will cover the correct use of the Spinnaker that, unlike all the other sails is hoisted out of the boat and is fixed only on 3 distinct points.

Theoretical Aspects:


  • Definition of the on board positions and their functions:
    • Helm
    • Mainsail
    • Genoa
    • Piano
    • Bow/mast/genoa


  • Nomenclature of essential material the use of the spinnaker
  • Theory of spinnaker navigation
    • On the Helm
    • At the sail
    • As a crew member
    • Security using the spinnaker;
    • Hoisting maneuvers

Practical Aspects:

  • Hoist spinnaker
  • Navigation with the spinnaker
    • On the helm
    • Tuning the spinnaker

  • Spinnaker jibe maneuvers
    • On the helm
    • On the bow
    • As a crew member

  • Lowering the spinnaker
  • Folding the spinnaker

This course includes:

  • Videos of theoretical sessions
  • "Sailing Manual" in PDF
  • 8 Practical sessions
  • 1 Rgatta in Lisbon


Tuition / VAT included