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Sailing School


Our school is intended for those who want to start and / or develop their skills as a sailor. Here you can attend four different levels: Beginner, Enhancement, Pre-Competition and Competition, depending on the knowledge you have or if you have already attended sailing course. Each level was professionally structured with theoretical and practical contents. The theoretical contents are delivered through e-learning, and practical classes consist of 8 lessons aboard + one reagatta in Lisbon where our students can put their skills to the test.
All courses are taught by professional coaches, certified by the Portuguese Sailing Federation.
If you want to attend one of our courses but do not know where you belong, we will make a "skills assessment" after which we will indicate which level best fits you.

For prices and details of each level, see the data sheet of each:



This service is intended for all those who have their own boat and would like to maximize their performance. To achieve this we go to your boat with our team of specialists and accompany you and your crew, technically and physically, so you can achieve all the objectives you set yourself as a sailor.

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