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BYX and FURANAI will participate in Race 2 of Tall Ships race, from Lisbon to Cadiz. The regatta will start on the 25th of July 2016 and the arrival in Cadiz is scheduled for the 28th of July.

From the 22th to the 25th of July, Furanai will be docked, along with the other participant ships, in the area stipulated by the organization. All participants that join us aboard Furanai for this adventure will have total access to the regatta reserved areas, dinners, parties and other social events promoted by the organization, both in Lisbon and Cadiz, from the 22 of July. 

The Tall Ships Race organization has stipulated that at least 50% of every participating crew must be comprised of people under 25 years old.


The price list to participate in this international event can be found bellow:


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For all participants in this event, inscription fees include:

  • Participation in the regatta,
  • Sleep aboard the ship during the activity,
  • Participation in all social activities,
  • Meals aboard during the regatta only,
  • 1 crew polo

In the half event inscription - Lisbon - Cadiz, the organization provides transportation to return to Lisbon, on the 31 of July.

In the half event inscription - Cadiz - Sagres - Lisbon, you can choose to leave the boat upon arrival in Sagres, in Lagos or Lisbon with no additional cost.



  • All participants must know how to swim,
  • All Participants must be older than 15 years old,
  • A release form must be signed by the legal guardian for all participants younger than 18 years old,


Min 6 participants

Max 8 participants

If until the 29 we do not gather the 6 pre inscriptions, we will no participate in the event

In case we do not participate in the event everyone who has paid for the prescription will be reimbursed in full.


For incription or more information, please contact us on: or